AC Financing and Rent-to-Own Options

Many people take their air conditioners for granted. It’s only when they don’t work or won’t turn on that they realize how important they are. Unfortunately, it seems that cooling systems always break down at the worst time and homeowners don’t always have money budgeted for AC replacement.

If you find yourself in the position of needing a new air conditioner, but don’t have all the funds required, you have options! AC financing and rent-to-own are two ways to keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long.

AC Financing
Harding Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to partner with FinanceIt—a market leader in fair, open and transparent money lending. They provide the money to buy and install a new air conditioner and then you can make monthly payments to pay off the loan. This allows homeowners to spread out the cost of a new AC, without requiring a downpayment. In addition, you can apply online and find out if you’re qualified in just seconds.

Rent-to-Own Air Conditioner
Another way to make air conditioner replacement affordable is to rent a system directly from Harding Heating & Air Conditioning. Instead of having to buy a new system outright, you can make monthly payments. Another benefit of the rent-to-own program is that the monthly expense can be conveniently added to your Enbridge bill and you always have the option of buying out the rental.

There’s never a good time to have your air conditioner break down, but if you need a replacement and are struggling to afford it, consider AC financing or rent-to-own options.

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