FAQ: Should I Buy or Rent an Air Conditioner?

When considering AC replacement, you can choose to either buy or rent an air conditioner. Deciding which option is best will depend on a number of factors but will usually come down to whether you want to pay the full price upfront or spread the payments over a period of months.

Buy an Air Conditioner
If you’ve been planning on replacing your air conditioner and have budgeted for the installation, you might opt to buy the AC system—especially if you take advantage of manufacturer promotions or incentives that can significantly lower the overall price.

Rent an Air Conditioner
Sometimes, an AC system breaks down unexpectedly and homeowners are not prepared for the financial investment to replace it. In this instance, homeowners can take advantage of our rent-to-own program. This spreads out the cost of a new system over multiple months, making upgrading your air conditioner extremely affordable.

Other benefits when you rent an air conditioner:

  • No down payment
  • No annual fees
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Simple application
  • Annual maintenance and service included
  • Rental rate is conveniently added to your Enbridge bill

If you’d like to upgrade your home comfort, but don’t want to pay the whole cost of a new air conditioner upfront, consider Team Harding’s rent-to-own program. You can spread the cost of the system, installation, maintenance and service over a set amount of months with manageable monthly payments. You also have the ability to pay off the remaining balance at any time—without penalty.

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