Fireplace Christmas Gift Ideas for the Fireplace Lover

It can be difficult to pick out a thoughtful gift for someone, especially if you’ve been exchanging presents for years or if you don’t know the person all that well. It’s tough to come up with fresh ideas for gifts every single year, so we often resort to useless items that serve no real purpose. Change it up this year by getting the fireplace lover on your list a useful present. If you’re shopping for a fireplace owner, this list of fireplace Christmas gift ideas is for you! 

Log Set

Give someone the gift of a warm, cozy fire without the wood cutting. Log sets can transform a wood fireplace into a gas fireplace that looks and feels just as nice – but without all the back-breaking effort. Team Harding has a variety of log sets, including the Fiberglow, which comes in various sizes to suit any fireplace.

log set

Log Holder

Anyone who has a wood-burning fireplace should have a log holder. And for those who have a gas or electric fireplace, a log holder can still add effect or serve as a home decor piece. There are some very stylish log holders to fit any home aesthetic, whether it’s rustic, modern or minimalist. 

Fireplace Gloves

Heat-resistant gloves are another practical gift idea for a person with a fireplace. They’re a must-have for homeowners with a wood stove or fireplace, specifically. Heat-resistant gloves allow fireplace owners to move wood with their hands or touch hot gas fireplace components safely. Keep in mind that a good pair of fireplace gloves should reach the fire handler’s elbows. 

man putting log into fireplace using heat-resistant fire gloves

Screen/Protective Cover

A fireplace screen is particularly important for fireplace owners who have children or pets. There’s a range of designs and types of fireplace screens so you should have no trouble finding one that suits the person you’re buying for. 

If you’re shopping for a homeowner who has an outdoor fireplace, a protective cover would make a thoughtful, practical gift. Fireplace protective covers keep snow off the unit and safeguard the outdoor heating solution against adverse weather and other potential damage.

Fire-Resistant Hearth Rug

Don’t forget the dear dog! A fire-resistant hearth rug not only adds to the coziness of a fireplace, but it also serves as a great place for the family dog to curl up by the fire. There are a variety of styles and motifs available so you can find one to match anyone’s home decor.

Fireplace Maintenance & Cleaning

If the fireplace lover you know already has all of these things or wouldn’t use any of them, why not take care of their annual fireplace maintenance? Give them the gift of a clean and safe fireplace by paying for their fireplace service this season.

shovelling out ashes from fireplace

Add a Fireplace to Your Wishlist 

There you have it. You have some practical Christmas gift ideas for the fireplace lover on your list, except now you wish you also had a fireplace? Team Harding has a selection of beautiful wood, gas, and electric fireplaces. Plus, we also do custom fireplaces

Add a fireplace to your wishlist with Team Harding

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