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Heat Pump Installation Grants In Ottawa

Heat pumps have become increasingly more popular in both Ottawa and Southern Ontario homes due to their overall efficiency, ability to both heat and cool your home, and their ability to decrease a homeowner’s overall carbon footprint. If you’re interested in installing a heat pump in your home, but you are nervous about the initial […]

Is Your Old Thermostat Costing You Money?

The cost of keeping a home cool throughout an Ottawa summer can leave any homeowner looking for ways to save money and cut cooling costs. One thing that most homeowners do not look at when considering the efficiency of their HVAC system is their thermostat. This is a mistake because an old thermostat can actually […]

Air Conditioner Myths That Cost You Money

Most homeowners in Ottawa have some form of AC installed for the summer heat. If you have one yourself, you may have overheard some air conditioner “tips and tricks” that sound good, but in reality, they could cost you time and money, and even affect your safety. If you want to check your knowledge and […]

Book Your AC Tune-Up Before The Summer Rush

Annual preventative maintenance is a key factor in responsible air conditioner ownership. By scheduling a tune-up for your air conditioner once a year, you’re ensuring that your system stays powerful, efficient, clean, and healthy. While there isn’t a bad time for your annual AC tune-up, we recommend that you schedule it before summer begins; there […]

Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Musty

If you’re at home during the heat of the summer enjoying your comfortable and conditioned air, the last thing you want is to start to smell a funky, musty smell. Unfortunately, a musty, funky, or mildewy smell can be a common residential air conditioner issue, but on the bright side, it’s often a very easy […]

Summer Humidifier Settings

During the winter, when the air is naturally very cold and dry, many Canadians rely on their whole-home humidifier to keep them comfortable. Humidifiers have several benefits including keeping your skin and hair healthy, reducing your likeliness to snore at night, and helping to prevent the spread of viruses during cold and flu season. However, […]

Protect Your Air Conditioner With A Harding Club Membership

It’s no secret that cooling a home throughout the entirety of the summer can be costly on its own, let alone the possibility of experiencing breakdowns and disrepair that need immediate attention. If you’re interested in protecting your air conditioner and your pocketbook from AC breakdowns or malfunctions, you should consider investing in a Harding […]

The Benefits Of A High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

With the warm weather just around the corner, Canadians are starting to think about their air conditioners again. If you have a modern, energy-efficient air conditioner then you’re probably ready for the heat of the summer, however, if you have an older model that needs to be replaced, you may be nervous about it lasting […]

Benefits of Being Able To Control Your Home Temperature Remotely

It’s no secret that along with automated assistants and LED lighting, smart thermostats are becoming an increasingly more popular staple of the home and modern living. Smart thermostats aren’t just sought-after because they look cool, they also work to help you have the perfect temperature in your home while saving money and energy. There are […]

Benefits Of Spring Furnace Maintenance

With spring here and the warm weather on its way, not many homeowners are thinking about their furnaces anymore. However, investing in maintenance for your furnace in the springtime is one of the best things you can do to help your furnace and your air conditioning run smoothly and efficiently. Here is our handy guide to […]

Switching Your Home From Heating Mode To Cooling Mode

Spring is finally here, and as we get ready to enjoy the warm weather ahead, we should also be preparing our homes for the same reason. When the warm weather begins calling for your air conditioner to be turned on, it’s important to have it ready to go, that’s why we recommend performing these simple […]

Benefits Of Using Your Ceiling Fans All Year Long

Once upon a time, ceiling fans were a necessary and beloved staple of every home. However, as central air conditioners have become the norm, many homes don’t use or don’t even have a single ceiling fan. Some homeowners believe that ceiling fans are just for homes that don’t have central air conditioners, but this couldn’t […]

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