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How Long Does The Average Water Heater Last?

Just like your furnace, your water heater is a necessary component to your home’s overall health and safety, and just like your furnace, your water heater has a lifespan. Once you’ve exceeded said lifespan, it’s time to invest in a new water heater. But what is the lifespan of the average water heater? And is […]

Whole-Home Humidifier or Portable Humidifier: Which Is Better?

It’s no secret that winters in Ottawa can be brutal. Among the freezing temperature, we also experience very dry air resulting in dry skin, irritated eyes and noses, and even an upswing in virus transmission. During the winter, many Ottawa homeowners invest in a humidifier to keep their home’s air more comfortable and easier on […]

How To Choose The Right Furnace In Ottawa

If your furnace is over fifteen years old, requires constant maintenance, or is costing you significantly more in energy costs than it used to, it may be time to invest in a new system. Buying a new furnace can be intimidating if you’re not an HVAC expert, it can be difficult to choose the right […]

New Year’s Air Quality Tips and Tricks

Many Ottawa homeowners will end up spending the majority of their time at home during the winter in order to avoid the harsh winds and snow. If you’re going to be home a lot more in the next few months, it’s best to ensure that your air quality is high!

Why A Harding Club Membership Is The Best Gift You Can Give Your HVAC System

The holiday season is finally here and for those of us in Ottawa, with the holiday season comes freezing weather, lots of snow, and the heart of winter. This holiday season, if you’re interested in giving yourself a wonderful gift that keeps on giving throughout the rest of the year, you should consider investing in […]

Preparing Your Furnace For A Winter Storm

During the winter, a quality furnace is the key to a safe, healthy, and happy home. In Ottawa, we’re no strangers to experiencing harsh winter storms, and this can put a lot of stress on our furnaces, causing them to work less effectively or even to shut off. Before the dead of winter hits, it’s […]

Ottawa’s Emergency Heating Service and Repair Experts

Ottawa winters are cold enough with a perfectly operational heating system, which is why a sudden heating system breakdown can be a down-right nightmare! While it’s safe to say that nobody wants a heating emergency during a Canadian winter, there’s a silver lining: Team Harding is always ready to help you in the event that […]

Heating Your Garage: What’s The Best Option?

During the summer, many Ottawa homeowners flock to their garage for a number of reasons. Garages open up a whole new space in your home for working on your car, completing projects, trying out new hobbies, or simply just hanging out with friends. However, during the winter, many around Ottawa stop using their garage because […]

Simple Tips To Improve Furnace Efficiency

Unfortunately, heating an entire house can be pricey, which is why we’ve made a simple list of tips for you to improve your furnace efficiency and save money!

When To Turn On An HRV For The Winter?

Keeping a home comfortable during the winter can be tricky. On one hand, we want to conserve energy to ensure we’re getting the most out of our heating and our electric bills, and on the other hand, during the winter we tend to miss the feeling of fresh air through our house. How do you […]

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