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How You May Be Unintentionally Increasing Your Cooling Bill

Did you know that there could be things that you’re doing that waste electricity every month, resulting in larger utility bills? Money spent on keeping yourself and your family comfortable during the hottest months of the year is a worthy investment, however, there are ways that you can diminish your cooling bill at the end […]

Common Home Cooling Mistakes And Blunders

During the summers in Ottawa, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home and your family cool and comfortable. The last thing anyone wants during this season is for their AC to suddenly break down, but there are in fact ways you could be limiting your cooling system’s performance without realizing it!

How To Identify Common AC Problems

Understanding simple issues with your air conditioner can be very valuable in making sure a complete breakdown of your system doesn’t happen right when you need it most. Here’s a small and handy guide to help you identify any common AC problems that could possibly put a damper on your home comfort this summer!

Daikin Fit: The Most Advanced AC In Ottawa

When in the market for a new air conditioner for your home, it’s always smart to look at the most advanced and innovative system. Not only will investing in a high-quality AC unit keep you cool with no problems throughout the entirety of your summer and the summers to come, but the system will also […]

Tips to Save Money on Home Cooling This Summer

As the weather gets warmer with every passing day, homeowners across the country are getting ready for their utility bills to increase as they begin using their cooling systems. You shouldn’t have to choose between being comfortable and paying high utility bills though, and these tips can help you save money on cooling your home […]

Health and Wellness Benefits of Air Conditioning

Everyone wants their home to be a place where they can feel safe, secure and healthy! From humidity reduction to sleeping better, here are a few ways your AC helps keep you healthy!

Should I Turn Off My HRV In The Summer?

As the warm weather continues to ramp up and homeowners across Ottawa begin to transition from using their heating system to their cooling systems, they are often unsure about what to do with their HRVs. Although an HRV can drastically improve your indoor air quality during the winter, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should turn […]

Book AC Service To Help Combat the Ottawa Summer Heat

We’re all excited for the warm summer weather to arrive, but that excitement can quickly disappear if your cooling system can’t beat the heat inside your home. The best way for Ottawa residents to ensure their homes are summer ready is to book their AC service before the extreme heat arrives, and there are several […]

Will My AC Help My Allergies?

For those of us that suffer from seasonal allergies, the spring and summer can be brutal due to pollen and other irritants in the air. Luckily, your home’s air conditioning can help to provide relief from outdoor allergens when it’s properly maintained.

Furnace & Air Conditioner Replacement: Benefits of Doing Them Together

If your HVAC system is no longer heating and cooling your home adequately, it might be time for an upgrade. When the time comes to pull the trigger on a furnace or air conditioner replacement, it’s often beneficial to replace both of your systems at the same time.

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