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Indoor Air Quality

We have the solution to your air quality and cleaning needs! Harding Heating & Air Conditioning sells and installs high- quality and efficient air quality and cleaner products.


Your home will react to the cold air during the winter causing dryness. A humidifier system will make the important difference in how it adds humidity to your home comfort needs.

GeneralAire Whole House Elite Series Humidifiers incorporate bypass & fan-powered humidification through a water-soaked Vapor Pad. Six model selections are available to suit your needs. “A” models include the GFX3 Automatic Humidistat; “M” models include our new MHX3C Manual Control Humidistat. Our Elite Flow Through models offer a 10-Year Warranty!


Clean air is essential for good health, and this is especially true when it comes to indoor air. Harding Heating & Air Conditioning has your clean air solution.

Daikin offers its unique air purifying technology in air purifiers to protect air environments in the home, office, and everywhere clean air is important.


Air filtration systems combat indoor pollution by capturing over 95% of particles ranging in size down to 0.3 micron (One micron = 1/25,000 of an inch in diameter) and keeping them from re-circulating back into the home’s air.

Daikin offers a comprehensive lineup of air filter products and clean room equipment crucial to various industries including semiconductors, precision equipment, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, food, and building HVAC systems.


Ventilation systems replace stale, contaminated indoor air with re-circulated fresh air with virtually no heat/energy loss or safety risk.

This product is designed to maintain good indoor air quality by providing sufficient levels of fresh outside air and recover waste heat from extracted air leaving the conditioned zone. This new ERV unit is fully compatible with Daikin’s DIII-NET communications.

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