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Pre-Service Checklist


Pre-Service Call Checklist

To avoid the expense and wait of a service call for your furnace or air conditioner, we recommend you answer these easy questions before contacting a Harding professional:

  • Is your furnace turned on? – Double check the wall plug or switch that serves your furnace. Also, if cover panels on the furnace are not installed properly, the door safety switch may not be engaged – but be careful to turn off main power (at the circuit breaker) to the furnace if you are going to remove or reinstall the panels. Then, of course, remember to turn things back on when you are done.
  • Check the power disconnect switches. – The furnace power switch looks like a light switch and is usually located on the side of the equipment or at the ceiling above the unit.
  • Check your circuit breakers. – Located in your main electrical panel, which is usually found in the basement or the garage. These breakers are required by code to be labelled as to what each one goes to in your home.
  • Check for obstructed airflow. – This is sometimes caused by relocating furniture in your home, (which can block air circulation grills), registers located around the perimeter of your home being closed, or a plugged air filter.
  • Check your air filter. –  Dirty air filters are probably the most common source of unnecessary calls, causing air within your furnace or air conditioner to reach unsafe extremes in temperature and dramatically reducing the airflow to where it is needed. Air filters are generally inexpensive and readily available. Call us if you need help finding the correct size for your unit.
  • Check for correct settings on your thermostat. – Make sure your system is set to Heat or Auto and the temperature is at the proper comfort set-point. Also, if your thermostat uses batteries, check whether they need to be replaced.
  • Ensure that furnace access panels are fully re-installed after filter replacements. – There is a safety switch, that if not properly engaged, will prevent equipment from operating properly.
  • Did you shut down too many registers in unused rooms? – Residential units are not designed to have major restrictions to their airflow, so be careful not to close down too many registers.
  • Is anything blocking the condenser outside? It is critical that there is nothing blocking the airflow – including weeds growing up around the unit’s coil.

How can you prepare for a service appointment?

  • Know where all of the units in your heating and cooling system are located.
  • Write down the model numbers of all your products.
  • Be ready to explain what symptoms or problems you’ve noticed.
  • Know when your problem began.
  • Make sure the equipment is accessible to our technicians by removing anything that may be blocking their access.
  • If your system’s products are in an attic or crawl space, please make sure it’s easily accessible.
  • Lock pets in a separate room so they don’t get in the way or get hurt.
  • Make sure there’s an adult (18 or older) home to legally allow entry.
  • Be prepared to answer the phone. Many technicians will call to confirm the appointment on their way.
  • If you rent your home, make sure to have your landlord call to have your system serviced
  • If your heat pump or air conditioner is frozen, shut it off before the technician arrives so it’s thawed and ready for service.
  • Be prepared to make a payment to the technician by cash, credit or cheque.

Disclaimer: Do not attempt any troubleshooting or maintenance work yourself if you are uncomfortable or unfamiliar with proper procedures, as you could be exposed to potentially life threatening levels of electrical power, sharp metal edges and rotating mechanical devices, which could cause personal injury.

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