High-Velocity HVAC: Perfect for Old Homes

When you live in an older home, sometimes it can be benefitted by specific upgrades that a newer home doesn’t necessarily need. Many owners of older homes opt to install a High-velocity HVAC unit as they provide more efficient heating and cooling in older homes where sometimes HVAC efficiency is difficult to achieve. The benefits of installing a high-velocity HVAC unit are plentiful and worth considering as a new addition or upgrade to your home, especially if it’s older.

What Is A High-Velocity HVAC System?
High-velocity HVAC units are just like they sound, they move air through smaller ducts at a much faster rate than a normal system. This method allows for there to be less energy loss in the ductwork which keeps your system more consistent and efficient. This pressurized system helps avoid dust and mould build-up, ensuring that you are always breathing clean, fresh air.

Why Are They Beneficial To Older Homes?
Older homes are especially easy to outfit with a new HVAC unit because high-velocity ducts require a fraction of the space regular HVAC ducts do. Instead of worrying about expanding space within the walls of your older home where renovation is more extensive and difficult, the installation of such a significantly smaller unit and ductwork makes life easier and more comfortable. These small ducts can be pulled and snaked through the tightest old spaces with minimal renovation and remodelling, letting you enjoy thorough warmth throughout your home without all the work.

Interested in investing in a high-velocity HVAC system for your home?
We carry a selection of high-velocity HVAC units, from the AirMax MaxAir series, that will uniquely suit your home needs.

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