Keep Your Home Healthy for National Lung Month

National Lung Month

November is National Lung Month in Canada, and as an HVAC company, Harding Heating & Air Conditioning knows how vital indoor air quality is to keeping you healthy and comfortable.

Lung Month is a time for Canadians to “support and speak up for the people who live with chronic lung disease and to educate citizens with important information on how to protect their lungs and breathe with ease.”1

One of the many ways our lungs are affected on a daily basis is through the air quality of our homes. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a lot of adverse health effects, which include allergies and asthma.

This National Lung Month, consider doing the following for your home and work towards habits for healthier lungs in the future:

  • Switch household cleaners to natural, green cleaners and avoid anything with dangerous and noxious chemicals that are harmful for your lungs when breathed in.
  • Have your home examined for mold and invest in a meter that detects the moisture levels in your home to prevent any future mold from growing.
  • Vacuum rugs and upholstery regularly, and wash sheets and towels in hot water to remove gathered dust and prevent dust mites from making them their home.
  • Consider air quality system solutions for your home, like:
    • Humidifiers: during the upcoming winter, your home’s air will become drier, so the addition of a humidifier will make indoor air quality more comfortable.
    • Air Purifier: the addition of an air purifier can help maintain clean air in your home and maintain a healthy environment for your lungs.
    • Air Filter: upgrading your air filter can help combat greater amounts of indoor air pollution by capturing over 95% of particles.
    • Ventilation: a good ventilation system can effectively replace stale, polluted air with clean, new air, with virtually no heating/cooling loss so your lungs can breathe fresh air.

Keep your lungs healthy and happy this National Lung Month! For more information about the initiative, visit

You can contact Team Harding any time for more information on air quality systems for your home.

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