Why Install a Ductless Heat Pump?

Ductless heat Pump

With rumours of an incredibly harsh winter just around the corner, many citizens of Ottawa are already dreading what this means for their home comfort (and seemingly inevitable steep heating bills). A great way to keep your home comfortably warm, efficient, and offset high bills is to consider installing a ductless heat pump this winter.

To understand the benefits of ductless heat pumps, you must first understand how their efficiency is measured. A ductless heat pump’s HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) rating is found by the ratio of how much BTU heat is outputted in a heating season divided by the watt-hours of the energy used over the same heating season.

The higher the HSPF rating, the more efficient your ductless heat pump (i.e. you’re getting the heat you need for less money!). You’ll notice that most ductless heat pumps are actually highly efficient, readily available and more affordable when compared to high efficiency furnaces.

A ductless heat pump also operates much more quickly and quietly than your regular furnace. You can mount units nearly anywhere in a room for maximum heat distribution and enjoy whole home comfort without disruptive noise from your furnace starting and stopping, day and night.

The installation of a ductless heat pump is quite simple as it is, in fact, ductless. Indoor and outdoor units are joined with a single conduit that requires a 3-inch hole – really, that’s it! And the outdoor unit can work with up to 4 indoor units, so you can heat your entire home easily.

Harding Heating & Air Conditioning carries Daikin Ductless Systems that provide ultimate energy efficiency and comfort control. Daikin ductless heat pumps feature streamlined, wall-mounted indoor units paired with compact outdoor units and blend discretely with your home decor.

Finally, when you purchase a Daikin ductless heat pump, you’re also receiving a 10-12 years (depending on the system you choose) limited parts warranty (when you register your new heat pump within 60 days) to provide you with peace of mind with a factory backed limited warranty, extended service plans and superior product plans.

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