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Indoor Air Quality

Your home is your haven; the place you feel most comfortable and work hard to keep it so. Maintaining clean, high-quality indoor air is vital to living in a healthy environment. Team Harding has solutions to all your indoor air quality needs, from humidifiers and air purifiers to proper filtration and ventilation.


Cold winter air brings low humidity along with it, which can lead to dry skin and eyes, chapped lips, staticky clothing and frizzy hair. Not to mention the effects low humidity can have on your home, like cracks in the structure, chipping paint and furniture damage. A whole-home humidifier from GeneralAire will make a serious difference in how your indoor air quality feels. Their elite series humidifiers incorporate bypass and fan-powered humidification through a water-soaked Vapor Pad, and they come in six different models to fit any of your needs!

Air Purifiers

Clean indoor air makes all the difference at home, especially if you suffer from asthma or are prone to colds in the winter season. Purifiers keep your air clean of bacteria and other contaminants so you can breathe easier. Daikin, the world leader in home comfort products and solutions, offers their state of the art purifying technology to protect you from pollutants in the air

Air Filters

A home equipped with proper filtration can help combat indoor air contamination by capturing over 90% of dirt, dander, pet hair and other particle ranging in size down to 0.3 micron! It will also keep what’s captured from recycling back into your home. Daikin offers an impressive line of air filters and products to keep all rooms in your home clean.


Noticed your home’s air feels stale and contaminated? A ventilation system will replace that indoor air with fresh outdoor air while causing virtually no heat or energy loss. Daikin brings you ERVs that recover any wasted heat from the extracted air leaving the conditioned zone and return it to your home.

Keeping up with your indoor air quality is intrinsically tied in with proper maintenance of your entire home comfort system. If your furnace or air conditioner isn’t running properly, it will likely cause issues that you’ll smell and feel in the air at home. Make sure you stay on top of your annual maintenance for all of your systems to keep them functioning well and, in turn, to maintain a clean and comfortable environment.

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