Keep Pests Out of Your Home, Secure Your HVAC System

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With spring finally here and warmer weather (hopefully) on its way, all kinds of pests and critters will be coming out of hibernation looking for new homes. Make sure that your HVAC system is not an inviting place for them to take up residence. If rodents find a way in, you could face a host of problems from compromised air quality to a complete system breakdown.

We’ve outlined the most common ways pests get into your HVAC system and some helpful tips to keep them out:

Keep Air Conditioner Condenser Clear of Debris
Don’t temp pests by planting shrubbery near your air conditioner condenser; bushes, flowers and plants attract critters to the area. With an abundance of shelter and food, they could damage your system by trying to nest and chewing or scratching different condenser components, and could then move on to trying to get inside your HVAC system.

Install Flue and Vent Covers
Your home comfort system releases exhaust through exterior flues and draws air in through intake vents. Both components connect the outside of your home to the inside and are popular entry points for rodents.

Seal Ducts
Ducts are a popular way for rodents to get into your HVAC system. They distribute air throughout your home and any contaminant left by rodents will be dispersed as air blows through. In addition, once critters are in your ducts, they have free reign over any room in your house. Make sure your home stays free of rodents by properly sealing all air ducts.

Annual heating and cooling maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure your HVAC system is pest-free. Professional technicians will check all your home comfort components and make sure they’re clean and damage free. In addition, they can look over your system and provide recommendation on susceptible entry points for pests.

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