Turn Air Conditioner Off Or Keep It Running While You’re Out?

Air Conditioner

Turn air conditioner off? Keep it on? What’s more efficient?

Everyone has wondered about this at some point, especially if you’re trying to be mindful of how much energy your home is using. When it comes to saving energy, the answer is to turn the air conditioner off!

The ON vs. OFF debate has been going on for years, but many don’t understand why it’s better for their home and the air conditioner itself.

An air conditioner runs best when it’s running at its fullest capacity and high speed. This means that it runs best when you turn it on with the express purpose of lowering the indoor temperature, not lowering the temperature and then having to maintain it for an extended period of time.

Forcing your unit to work in short periods all day to sustain a set temperature will increase how much energy the air conditioner uses and will force wear and tear on your system.

The best fix? A smart thermostat.

What’s great about smart thermostats is the ability to preset temperatures and adjust when your unit will operate. You can set it to turn off while you’re away for the day and have it back on and cooling your home in time for your return. A smart thermostat can also monitor your energy usage and learn your habits, meaning that it optimizes your home’s temperature and system use based on your activity. Plus, most come integrated with smart phone functionality, allowing you to control your home comfort system through an app on your phone.

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Still have some questions when it comes to the choice to turn air conditioner off or keep it running?

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