Air Conditioner Headache, It’s a Real Thing!

air conditioner headache

Air conditioning is a necessity during the summer in many parts of the country, especially here in the capital city. But some homeowners find that when the cool air flows they suffer from air conditioner headaches. There are a variety of reasons why your air conditioner could cause a headache, but we find that there are usually three main reasons:

While your air conditioner is cooling the air throughout your home, it also pulls out the moisture. Lower humidity can be good (up to a point) but overly dry air can dehydrate your body causing a splitting headache. Make sure to keep well hydrated at home and try to avoid sudden temperature or humidity changes. If you have really bad air conditioner headaches, you may want to adjust the humidity level of your AC.

Dirty Filters
It is crucial that your filters are inspected and replaced frequently. We recommend checking your filter monthly and changing it every 30 to 60 days to ensure clean indoor air. If your air filter has been left neglected, the unit could be sending dust, pollen and other allergens all over your home.

Once these contaminants have circulated, they could cause severe headaches in allergen-sensitive individuals.

Excessive Noise
If your AC unit is blaring all day long, or making sounds on a frequency that irritates you, your head may pay the price. Make sure to call one of Harding’s cooling experts so they can make some adjustments to quiet things down.

If you’re certain your air conditioner is the cause of your headaches, it’s crucial you have a technician inspect your system so you’re able to enjoy the comfort of your home during these last few weeks of summer!

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This blog was originally published in August 2017, and has been updated for clarity and accuracy.

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