Ways to Improve AC Airflow

AC Airflow

The summer season in Ottawa can bring unbearable humidity, intense thunderstorms and, of course, boiling temperatures. It’s on those hot, sticky days when people are thankful for their air conditioners… or are sleeping in the basement because the AC is on the fritz.

Every year around the summertime, we receive many service calls from people who believe their AC is broken. However, many times, our technicians find that the problem isn’t the actual cooling unit but, instead, the AC airflow is restricted.

There are countless factors that can affect AC airflow but we’ve provided some of the most common reasons and solutions to get the cold air flowing again.

Change Your Air Filter
If your filter is dirty or clogged, it can definitely create airflow problems. Remember to inspect your filter monthly and replace as needed. If you don’t replace your filter according to manufacturer guidelines, it gathers dirt and dust, making it less effective at filtering the air and making it harder for air to pass through.

Ensure Your Dampers Are Open
If you’re experiencing weak AC airflow in one particular room, the problem might lie with your dampers. Dampers are levers that allow (or restrict) airflow from the plenum to all the ductwork in your heating and cooling system. Ensure all the dampers are in the “ON” position—if one (or more) are in the “OFF” position, they will restrict air from freely flowing throughout your home.

Clean Your AC Condenser
Over time dirt, twigs and other debris can get stuck in or around your AC condenser. To improve AC airflow, try cleaning around your outdoor unit at least twice a year.

Ensure the power is off at the breaker before you begin.

Remove any branches or any other large objects that are around the condenser and clean the outside of the unit with a hose.

If you’ve completed all the above tasks and your AC is still not providing adequate cooling, it’s time to call a professional at Harding Heating & Air Conditioning for help!

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