Furnace Myths That Are Hurting Your Heating System

heating system

Sometimes, we get service calls for furnace repair where the homeowner has inadvertently damaged their heating system. Often, they are following the advice they have heard from friends, online forums and social media posts; or are trying to lower their monthly heating bills. Make sure that you’re not setting yourself up for an expensive repair bill by falling for these common furnace myths.

Media Filters Are Always the Best Option
FALSE. There are a number of different filters, from a standard fiberglass filter to HEPA media filters. While media filters are better able to trap allergens, they’re also thicker, which can restrict air flow. Make sure that you’re using filters that are compatible with your heating system and fit your specific needs. Refer to your furnace manufacturer guide for a list of recommended filters to ensure you’re not causing damage to the system.

Filters Only Need to Be Changed Once a Year
FALSE. There’s a persistent furnace myth that filters only have to be changed once a year, but this is categorically false. Clogged filters are the root of many furnace problems and should be checked monthly and replaced as needed. Some filters last about a month, while others can last two or three months.

Annual Furnace Maintenance is Optional
FALSE. Some homeowners only call their heating and cooling company when something has gone wrong, instead of scheduling yearly visits. It’s extremely important to have yearly furnace inspections for two reasons. First, manufacturer warranties can be invalidated without yearly maintenance—causing you to spend more money on future repairs. Second, a yearly tune-up can increase furnace efficiency and longevity.

Make sure that you’re not accidentally damaging your heating system by falling for these common furnace myths. If you ever have any questions—contact us—we’re always happy to help!

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