The Importance of HVAC Maintenance Plans

As an Ottawa homeowner, do you currently have an HVAC maintenance plan for your furnace and air conditioner? If you don’t—you could be paying high prices for routine heating and cooling service, replacement and repair that would be covered under a maintenance plan.

What is an HVAC Maintenance Plan?
Many HVAC companies offer a maintenance plan for furnaces and air conditioners. Also called protection plans or club memberships, these services are offered to homeowners to offset costs associated with upkeep and repairs to home comfort systems.

HVAC Maintenance Plan Benefits
Your furnace and air conditioner require yearly tune-up and inspection to help ensure they’re operating safely and efficiently. These appointments are also required to keep manufacturer warranties valid. In addition, you might require repair or service throughout the year. With a protection plan like Team Harding’s Club Membership—yearly inspections, discounts on repairs and replacements are all included.

Manufacturer Warranty vs. HVAC Maintenance Plan
Sometimes, homeowners mistakenly believe that a manufacturer warranty will protect them from additional costs associated with furnace maintenance. Manufacturer warranties only cover the cost of a replacement part—not the labour to install them. Manufacturer warranties also do not include regular maintenance appointments that are required to keep warranties valid. Only an HVAC maintenance plan provides these additional services.

To help ensure that your furnace and air conditioner operate safely and efficiently—and to help prevent expensive bills—invest in a Harding Club Membership!

Learn more about Harding’s Club Memberships.

Our Club Memberships have three levels: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Join the Platinum Club Membership to get FREE service on your system, FREE diagnostics, FREE parts and labour (no exclusions) and we’ll even give you up to 100% of your unused credit balance—for up to three years—to apply to a new heating or cooling system!

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