Improve Indoor Air Quality to Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

improve indoor air quality

Hopefully May will signal the end of the chilly weather in Ottawa, and although many people are looking forward to sunshine and warmer temperatures—the change in season also brings pollen. For people that suffer from seasonal allergies, the next few months can be unpleasant and sometimes even heading inside won’t alleviate allergy symptoms due to poor indoor air quality.

Homes are built to be airtight, which can help with energy efficiency but can also result in the buildup of contaminants and allergens in the home. As people and pets come inside, they bring pollen and other irritants with them that can cause people to experience allergy symptoms such as sneezing and itchy, watery eyes.

To reduce the number of allergens in the home and improve indoor air quality, a home should be kept clean with frequent dusting and vacuuming. Homeowners should also check and change their HVAC filter regularly. These filters can catch and trap pollutants and prevent them from being distributed throughout the home. There are a number of different filters on the market that are specifically designed to improve indoor air quality.

Additionally, you can install an air purification or ventilation system. A purification system cleans the circulated air and can reduce the amount of dust, bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in your home. A ventilation system—either an energy recovery Ventilator (ERV) or heat recovery ventilator (HRV)—brings fresh outdoor air inside without wasting the energy you’ve spent cooling it.

While allergy season can be uncomfortable, there are many ways to improve indoor air quality so that you have a refuge from the pollen outside.

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