Schedule Furnace Inspection with Annual AC Maintenance

Did you know spring is the perfect time for both AC and furnace maintenance? It’s extremely important to have annual professional service on both your heating and cooling systems, but sometimes homeowners forget to have their furnaces inspected during the winter. If your furnace didn’t have a tune-up while it was cold out, it’s not too late. You can schedule furnace inspection with your annual AC maintenance.

Yearly service can help improve efficiency, extend a system’s lifespan and can also improve indoor comfort. Additionally, annual professional maintenance is required to keep manufacturer warranties valid—so if your furnace is still covered—make sure to schedule an inspection before the warranty is invalidated.

In addition to scheduling a professional tune-up, we’ve outlined some additional ways you can help ensure your heating and cooling system continues to operate at peak efficiency.

Change air filter: Changing air filters on a regular basis is a key part of furnace and AC maintenance. The same filter is used in both a forced air furnace and central air conditioning system, so it’s important to check and change filters throughout the year.

Clean around furnace and air conditioner: Take time to clear away anything stored near or around your furnace, as this will reduce the possibility of a fire next winter and make it easier for an HVAC technician to spot and repair potential problems. You’ll also want to head outside and clear any debris from around the air conditioner condenser to ensure there’s proper air flow.

It’s not too late for annual furnace maintenance,
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