Three Signs You Need Professional AC Repair

AC repair

Hot summer weather is fast approaching, and that means you’ll be counting on your air conditioner to keep the home cool and comfortable. But, like anything mechanical, an air conditioner could run into some problems and require professional service. We’ve outlined three warning signs that a breakdown is imminent and should contact a certified technician for AC repair.

Blowing Warm Air
A properly functioning air conditioner should always deliver cool air. A system blowing warm air could signal a compressor issue or refrigerant leak. A certified cooling expert will need to examine the air conditioner and provide professional service to get the cool air flowing again.

Refrigerant Leaks
If you notice any leaks or moisture around your cooling system, you should contact a cooling professional right away. Refrigerant leaks are serious and must be addressed by a licensed technician. Not only can a leak have a negative impact on the operation of your air conditioner, it also poses a serious environmental hazard.

Strange Noises
An air conditioner is designed to operate quietly, so any kind of strange noise is cause for concern. New squeaking, grinding, whistling or buzzing noises could mean there are components that require immediate service in order to prevent a breakdown.

To help prevent the need for emergency AC repair, make sure to keep up with a few basic air conditioner maintenance tasks.

Change Air Filter
It’s important to check and change air filters regularly. Reduced airflow, poor energy efficiency and damage to your system are all caused by a clogged and dirty filter.

Clean Outdoor Unit
It’s common for leaves, dirt and other debris to build up around your outdoor unit and affect airflow and overall performance. Make sure to periodically check the condenser and remove any buildup to improve airflow and performance.

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