Save Money with Furnace Replacement

furnace replacement

Even though replacing a furnace can be a financial investment, it can actually save you money on monthly energy bills and constant repair bills. Homeowners sometimes realize too late that they could have bought a new furnace for the amount of money they’ve spent on hydro bills and heating repairs. Instead of continuing to schedule repairs, consider furnace replacement in 2019.

Increased Efficiency

Every once in a while, we come across a furnace that is 25 or 30 years old and is still operating. Homeowners are proud to show us their heating system is still working after decades of use. While it’s nice to admire equipment that was made to last, the truth is, those furnaces are extremely inefficient and are costing homeowners money. Older furnaces require more fuel to warm the home, driving up the costs of monthly energy bills. Newer furnaces are extremely energy efficient and with a furnace replacement, many homeowners see a drastic drop in monthly energy bills.

Constant Repair Bills

Many people believe that it’s more affordable to continue repairing a furnace than to just upgrade the whole system. However, if you were to add up the amount of money spent on repairs, many homeowners would be shocked to see how much they actually spent trying to keep their heating systems running. The costs can skyrocket if you need emergency no-heat service after hours.

While it might seem like a steep investment to schedule furnace replacement, it can actually save you money by increasing efficiency and decreasing the costs associated with constant repairs.

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