Eliminate Winter Window Condensation with an HRV System

A common frustration for many Ottawa homeowners is window condensation. This issue has become more widespread as home construction has focused on reducing air leakage and increasing energy efficiency. An unintended consequence of improved building techniques is that natural ventilation has decreased and moisture filled air gets trapped in your home. When the window cools from the outside temperature, moisture from the air condenses on the glass.

The only way to properly eliminate winter window condensation is by removing the excess moisture from the air. You could open the window to allow some circulation, but that will lead to higher heating costs as warm air will escape. A better option is to install an HRV (heat recovery ventilator) that can remove water vapour in your home while also retaining heat.

An HRV system works by circulating out old air and replacing it with fresh, outdoor air. As stale air is exhausted out, up to 80% of the heat is recovered and used to warm the incoming air—ensuring you’re not wasting heated air. In addition to removing moisture from the air, an HRV system can improve indoor air quality by regularly removing pollutants from the home. This can be especially beneficial for those that suffer from allergies or asthma.

Improve your home comfort and eliminate winter window condensation with the installation of an HRV system.

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