Furnace Maintenance Tips

furnace maintenance

There are a few easy furnace maintenance tasks homeowners can do to ensure their heating system is operating at peak efficiency for the rest of the winter season.

Clear Vents of Snow After Storm – An often overlooked furnace maintenance task is to check vents and clear them of ice or snow after a winter storm. Furnaces expel exhaust through vents on the outside of the home and it’s possible they can be buried after a heavy snowstorm or even ice over. Partially blocked vents can reduce furnace efficiency while completely blocked vents can trigger a safety feature—turning off the furnace completely.

Check and Change Furnace Filter – A clogged filter is the cause of many furnace problems. A dirty filter can restrict airflow and turn off the heating system, decrease its efficiency or even cause a complete system breakdown. Please check your filter once a month and replace as required.

Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance – The best way to ensure your furnace is operating safely and efficiently is to have it annually inspected by a certified professional. A yearly inspection can catch any problems early and ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency. While it’s recommended to have professional maintenance at the start of winter, you can still schedule your inspection.

Keeping up with furnace maintenance throughout the season will help ensure your heating system reliably works all winter long.

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