Available Furnace Financing Options in Ottawa

Available Furnace Financing Options in Ottawa

There are a number of furnace financing options available for homeowners that want to upgrade their heating system in Ottawa. Harding Heating and Air Conditioning works with two companies—FinanceIt and EcoHome Financial—to get homeowners the HVAC systems they need at an affordable price.


This Canadian financing service allows you to purchase a new furnace without having to make one big purchase. Instead, you can break down the cost into small monthly instalments that can be paid off whenever you want, without penalty. A benefit of using FinanceIt for furnace financing is that you can complete the application online in only minutes and get an instant decision on approval.

EcoHome Financial

This lending service only focuses on home improvement and allows homeowners multiple furnace financing options with different term options, attractive rates, deferral and no-interest equal payment programs.

Rent-to-Own a Furnace

Another option is to rent a new furnace directly from Harding Heating & Air Conditioning. With a quick credit check, we can install a heating system that comes with a full warranty and service for the duration of the rental program. Another benefit of our rent-to-own program is that the monthly instalment can be conveniently added to your Enbridge bill and you always have the option of buying out the rental after the payment term is complete.

There are a number of ways to purchase a new furnace, whether it’s through financing or our rent-to-own program.

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