Benefits of a Clean Comfort HRV System

A Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) can help homeowners eliminate the frustrating problem of indoor window condensation. In new home construction, there is little natural ventilation as building techniques have advanced to reduce air leakage and increase energy efficiency. Without anywhere to escape, moisture is trapped in the home and condenses on the glass. However, with a Clean Comfort HRV system—stale, moisture-filled air is exchanged for fresh, outside air—improving indoor air quality and eliminating window condensation.

The Clean Comfort HRV works a bit like opening a window. Old, indoor air that has been continuously circulating exhausts outside and is exchanged with fresh outdoor air. Up to 80% of the heat from exhausted air is retained and transferred to the incoming air—making a Clean Comfort HRV more efficient than mechanical ventilation products with no heat recovery capabilities.

By removing stale, moisture-filled air from the home, you’ll notice you no longer have window condensation but you’re also helping to improve indoor air quality. Dust, allergens and mildew are removed with the exhausted air and replaced with clean, outdoor air.

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