Protect Your Air Conditioner and Furnace During Renovations

protect your air conditioner

Home renovations can create dust and debris that is tracked throughout the house. To protect your air conditioner and furnace from damage, take some precautionary measures before the demolition and remodelling begin.

Turn Off HVAC During Renovations
You should always turn off the HVAC system while any renovation or remodelling is underway. If the AC or furnace is on, it can spread dust throughout the home and also pull construction debris towards the system—causing damage.

Close Vents and Registers
One of the best ways to protect your air conditioner and furnace is to cover vents and registers in work-zones to prevent wood chips, insulation and other debris from falling into the ducts. Even if the system is off, dust can accumulate in the ductwork and when the system’s turned back on—it will disperse throughout the house and could possibly clog the air filter.

Keep Work Area Clean
For added protection, always keep the workspace clean to deter excessive dust buildup. If you’re only working in one area of the home and don’t want to cover vents and registers throughout the whole house—make sure to properly seal the work zone.

Change Air Filters
Even if you’ve taken steps to protect your air conditioner and furnace, you should check and change the air filter after a renovation. Residual dust and debris can clog filters quickly and it’s dangerous to run the HVAC system with a blocked filter.

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Custom Ductwork
If you’re adding living space to your home, you’re likely going to need to add ducts to cool and heat the addition. Make sure your HVAC company is included in the planning stages so they can provide advice about placement and ensure your current furnace and air conditioner will be able to handle the additional space.Team Harding has extensive experience helping homeowners add ducts and we manufacturer and install custom ductwork in Ottawa and the surrounding area. Contact us to learn more.

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