3 Ways You’re Damaging the AC System

damaging the AC

Many homeowners don’t really understand how their air conditioner works and as a result, are mistakenly damaging the AC system. After countless repair calls and service appointments, here are the top three ways many homeowners are contributing to an AC breakdown.

Forgetting to Replace the Furnace Filter
Some people don’t realize that the furnace is used by the central air conditioner system to distribute cooled air throughout the home. This means even though you’re not heating the house, the furnace filter still needs to be regularly checked and changed during the summer. Running the AC with a clogged filter can cause a number of problems, from decreased indoor air quality to overheating the unit. Please check your furnace filter monthly and replace as needed.

Skipping Annual AC Maintenance
Neglecting annual maintenance is one of the biggest ways homeowners are inadvertently damaging the AC system. Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your air conditioner needs regular maintenance. A certified technician should be inspecting the cooling system every year to ensure it’s safe, efficient and there are no problem areas that could cause a breakdown. It’s also worth mentioning that annual AC maintenance is required to keep manufacturer warranties valid.

Constantly Changing the Temperature
If your household can’t agree on an ideal temperature and are constantly changing the thermostat, you could be damaging the AC system. Turning the system on and off multiple times can actually strain the system and cause breakdowns. Installing a smart, programmable thermostat can help mediate temperature disputes and save your system.

Your air conditioner keeps you cool and comfortable during our hot and humid summer days. Make sure you’re not mistakenly damaging the AC system and causing a breakdown by neglecting the furnace filter, skipping annual maintenance or drastically changing the temperature multiple times a day.

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