Tips to Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency

air conditioner efficiency

Ottawa gets hot during the summer months and many people run their air conditioners continuously to keep the temperature down. To save on monthly hydro bills, take all available steps to increase air conditioner efficiency including checking furnace filters, installing a smart thermostat and scheduling annual maintenance.

Check and Change Furnace Filters
Many air conditioner problems and efficiency issues can be traced back to a clogged furnace filter so it’s crucial that the filter is checked monthly and replaced as needed. Running an air conditioner with a clogged filter restricts airflow, which can cause the whole system to work harder, damaging components and contributing to higher energy bills.

Install a Smart Thermostat
One of the best ways to increase air conditioner efficiency is to install a smart thermostat. Instead of wasting energy cooling an empty home, a smart thermostat can learn your routines and adjust the temperature throughout the day to maximize energy efficiency while ensuring your home will be cool and comfortable when you arrive home.

Schedule Annual Maintenance
Having a professional cooling technician inspect your system will improve efficiency and help prevent breakdowns throughout the season. Small adjustments can be made to the AC system during a maintenance call that can drastically increase air conditioner efficiency, which will, in turn, have a direct impact on energy bills. Additionally, during an annual maintenance appointment, a technician can provide other helpful suggestions to improve efficiency or answer any questions you may have.

When using your air conditioner for days—or weeks—on end, it’s important that it’s operating efficiently. If you haven’t scheduled your yearly AC appointment or have any questions about your home comfort, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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