Improve Indoor Air Quality in an Older Home with a Ductless System

indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is important. During the winter, we spend the majority of time indoors, so allergens, dust and other irritants that decrease indoor air quality can affect your comfort and health. Customers with older homes often find that they can improve indoor air quality and comfort by installing a ductless system, which also has the added benefit of providing zoned temperature control.

Ductless units provide heating and cooling through mounted indoor units directly connected with the outdoor condenser. Since these systems don’t need ducts, it reduces the chance for allergens, dust and debris from being distributed throughout the home during operation.

Mini-split systems also use advanced filtration systems that trap outdoor contaminants, drastically improving indoor air quality. Filters are easily accessible on ductless systems, so homeowners can easily vacuum or wash filters. Some ductless models even have self-cleaning filter functions.

Another benefit of installing ductless systems is that they provide zoned temperature control. This is extremely energy efficient because you can increase or decrease the temperature in different areas of your home based on where you spend the most time.

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