Do I Need a New Furnace?

new furnace

If you’re questioning whether you need a new furnace, you’ve likely noticed something troubling about your heating system. Any time there is a change with the way your furnace operates—whether it’s new noises, increased cycling periods or signs of rust or corrosion—it’s a cause for concern and usually a sign you will need to upgrade your system soon.

New Noises
As furnaces age, they can begin to make strange noises. Pops, bangs, whistling or squeaking can be annoying to listen to but are also a symptom of worn-out components. At the very least, you should call for furnace repair so a technician can identify the issue, but if your furnace is out of warranty, you’ll likely be looking at replacing the system.

Cycling Issues
If you notice that the heating system is turning on and off more frequently (or if the furnace stays on longer than it should to normally heat your home), you’re dealing with cycling issues. Many times, a clogged furnace filter is the culprit, but if your filter is clean, cycling problems may be a symptom of failing parts and would require a new furnace.

Signs of Rust or Corrosion
When you can see signs of rust and/or corrosion on the surface of the furnace, it’s very likely that there is already extensive damage to the system. Not only should you be concerned with the whole system breaking down, but there could also be issues relating to safety as rust/corrosion can allow carbon monoxide to escape into your home.

If you notice any type of change with your furnace, you’re going to want to call a certified technician to inspect the unit and ensure it’s safe and reliable for the upcoming winter. If there are any issues, a heating specialist will be able to provide a fix or they will recommend replacement with a new system.

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