Best Furnace Brand to Install in Ottawa

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Ottawa gets cold and you need a reliable heating system to keep the house warm and comfortable. That’s why at Team Harding, we only install the best furnace brands, including Daikin, Amana and Goodman.

Daikin Furnaces
Daikin is the largest furnace and air conditioning manufacturer in the world. They are known for innovative designs and technologically advanced systems. They also offer industry-leading warranties including a 12-Year unit replacement on most systems. If you’re looking for reliability, Daikin is the best furnace brand to install.

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Amana Furnaces
Amana furnaces use stainless-steel tubular heat exchangers, which makes the systems extremely durable. In fact, Amana is so confident in their technology that if the heat exchanger ever fails (for the original, registered homeowner), they will provide a replacement part at no cost. The comprehensive warranties are what makes Amana one of the best furnace brands available.

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Goodman Furnaces
Goodman has built its reputation on manufacturing reliable furnaces, which are backed by comprehensive warranties. Their furnaces have simple designs but are constructed from high-quality materials and offer homeowners efficient heating at an affordable price.

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The best furnace brand to install in your home will depend on a number of factors. We carry a variety of models from the top three brands, and our expert heating specialists will recommend the best product for you based on your home, lifestyle and budget.

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