3 Reasons to Schedule AC Maintenance

AC maintenance

How often do you have your air conditioner professionally inspected and cleaned? Did you know that manufacturers recommended professional AC maintenance should be performed every year? Having your cooling system inspected annually can improve reliability and indoor air quality while also increasing efficiency.

Improved Reliability
It’s always best to catch issues early, before they turn into a bigger problem. A technician will be able to spot any problem areas in the air conditioner and provide a fix before it turns into something that can cause a breakdown.

Improved Indoor Air Quality
Air conditioners distribute air throughout the whole house. Having the system cleaned annually can help reduce the number of allergens and other irritants that are being circulated throughout the home. Additionally, during a home visit, a technician can also replace the filter and recommend another filter or air purification system if you’re worried about indoor air quality.

Increased Efficiency
Preventative maintenance can help the system operate more efficiently. Cleaning components, making small adjustments and a general tune-up can reduce the stress on the system and increase efficiency. Efficient systems cost less to run and can be reliable for longer periods of time.

It’s important to note that annual AC maintenance is also required by the manufacturer to keep warranties valid.

Air conditioner maintenance can be done anytime the temperature is consistently warm. While we recommend scheduling maintenance as soon as possible, you can reap the benefits of an annual tune-up any time during the spring or summer.

Please Note: Because of COVID-19, we’re only offering emergency service in order to keep our staff and customers safe and slow the spread of the virus. While we are booking tentative dates for maintenance appointments later in the spring, the bookings could be rescheduled based on recommendations from the Government and health agencies.

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