Which is Better? Ductless Or Central AC?

ductless AC

Ductless AC units and central air conditioning deliver cool air to your home in two completely different ways. Both have their benefits and deciding which one is better for your home will depend on a number of factors.

Existing Cooling System
If you have an existing central air system, it’s easy to upgrade to a new model. If you’ve never had whole-home air conditioning—and don’t have the ductwork already in place—it can be much faster, and more affordable to use a ductless system.

Size of the Home
Larger homes (over 2,000 square feet) would probably benefit from a central AC system over a ductless option. Generally, ductless is the way to go for smaller homes or to supplement central AC in a larger home. For example, providing AC to an addition or an upper-floor bedroom that doesn’t get properly cooled.

Zoned Cooling
If you want to keep different areas of your home at different temperatures, ductless is the best option. Since cool air is delivered through mounted indoor units, you can customize each one for different temperatures. This is perfect for households that can’t decide on the best temperature to keep the house.

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