Should I Replace My Air Conditioner Myself?

replace air conditioner

You can learn how to do pretty much anything on the Internet, but some things should be left to the professionals. When the time comes to replace your air conditioner, skip the how-to videos and call a licensed professional to get the job done right.

Replacing your AC is not a simple task and involves far more than taking the unit out of the box and plugging it in. For an air conditioner to run efficiently and effectively it requires precise installation. One mistake and your brand new AC could quickly become useless. There are also a number of safety concerns to consider that could be dangerous to you as a homeowner. The electricity required to run an air conditioner can be fatal or cause severe injury if improperly handled. In addition to the dangerous amount of electricity, the sharp fan blades can do some serious damage as well.

The removal of the old unit will also be a problem if you attempt to replace the air conditioner yourself. In order to dispose of refrigerants that contain ozone-depleting chemicals, like those found in your old unit, the Government of Canada requires you to be a licensed professional with an Ozone Depletion Prevention certificate. This will also make it impossible for you to legally purchase the refrigerant required to charge your new unit. Aside from the legal and environmental repercussions of handling refrigerant without a license, you also run the risk of getting refrigerant poisoning.

There are also a number of long term consequences to think about when it comes to replacing the AC yourself. A DIY installation will immediately void any warranty offered by the manufacturer. Warranties are designed to cover issues that arise due to manufacturing defects, not those that are caused by unlicensed installation. The warranty paperwork also requires you to provide the installation company’s information, and without it you will be unable to register for the warranty. HVAC companies and manufactures keep track of the units they sell by using serial numbers; therefore, it would be quite easy to determine if the install was done by a licensed professional.

The costs associated with purchasing a new air conditioning unit, and having it professionally installed, can seem daunting but think of it as an investment in home comfort and safety. There are also rebates and financing options that we offer to ease the financial stress of replacing your AC.

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