Should My Air Conditioning Be Running All Day?

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The simple answer is no, you don’t like running around all day and neither does your air conditioner. We all like our homes to be a cool oasis that we can use to escape the sweltering summer heat, but running your air conditioning constantly can unnecessarily cost you a lot of money.

However, top of the line units like the Daikin FIT system are expected to run all day at a reduced capacity, keeping a home cool while using less energy.

If you don’t have a FIT, running your central air conditioner all day without any breaks can significantly reduce its lifespan. Aside from the potential cost of an early replacement, leaving your AC on all day will result in some hefty hydro bills. You don’t have to decide between having a cool home or breaking the bank though, all you need to do is develop the right cooling schedule.

Smart thermostats make creating a cooling schedule simple because they do all the work so you, and your air conditioner, don’t have to. Smart thermostats like the Google Nest are fully programmable, but over time they learn your schedule and temperature preferences so that you don’t have to manually adjust the settings anymore. These smart devices can also connect to your Wi-Fi network so that if your schedule or cooling needs do change, you can adjust your thermostat remotely from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Regular thermostats only read the temperature from one point in your home, which leaves the rest of your home unaccounted for. Units like the Ecobee Smart Thermostat have remote sensors that can be used to monitor the temperature in all of your favourite rooms. The sensors adjust your thermostat settings and control your air conditioning based on the temperature and occupancy in each room. Monitoring the temperature of your home from multiple points increases the efficiency of your AC unit because your cooling system builds an accurate picture of your needs and only runs enough to accommodate them.

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