Whole Home Humidifiers in Ottawa

Humidifiers in Ottawa

Ottawa residents are no stranger to frigid winter weather, and with the extremely low temperatures comes a slew of home comfort challenges, including dry indoor air. The best way for homeowners in Ottawa to combat dry winter air in their homes is with whole-home humidifiers, and here’s why.

What is a whole-home humidifier?
Whole-home humidifiers are installed directly in line with your pre-existing ductwork, and they work in conjunction with your furnace to keep the humidity in your home at the proper level. It’s recommended that the humidity in your home be between 30% – 50% depending on the temperature outside, and it’s also a good idea to keep the temperature inside around 20°C in order to maintain those levels. Whole-home humidifiers are much more effective than portable units because they monitor the humidity levels in your home and adjust their output accordingly. They can also maintain the humidity levels throughout your entire home, not just in one room, which is not particularly effective. Plus, they require minimal maintenance because most models have a direct water line, so they can refill themselves.

What are the benefits of a whole-home humidifier?
Most of the negative side effects that result from the dry winter air in Ottawa can be combated by the benefits of whole-home humidifiers. Dry winter air can negatively affect your physical health, your home comfort, and the condition of your home and furniture over time. A few of the benefits you’ll notice when you install a whole-home humidifier that will negate these issues if you live in Ottawa are:

  • You’re less likely to catch an illness: Dry air allows viruses and bacteria to remain airborne longer because the moisture doesn’t pull them down. Also, your mucus membranes are more vulnerable when they’re dry, so maintaining the right humidity levels in your home will protect you on two fronts.
  • No more dry skin: When the air in your home is dry, it pulls the moisture from anything it can, the wood framing, your wood furniture, and most importantly, your skin. A whole-home humidifier regulates the humidity levels in your home so you can maintain the moisture levels in your body and your home.
  • You’ll sleep better: Studies have shown that people get better sleep in environments with the appropriate humidity levels because they snore less when their respiratory systems aren’t dried out.
  • Less severe cold and allergy symptoms: As we noted, dry air increases your chances of getting sick, but it will also make your symptoms more severe because your nose and throat will be dried out.

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