Tips To Improve HVAC Efficiency and Save You Money!

HVAC Efficiency Tips

Every year as the weather begins to get warmer and warmer, many homeowners are faced with choosing between home comfort and high utility bills, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These HVAC efficiency tips can help you stay cool all summer long without breaking the bank.

Change Filters
One of our number one HVAC efficiency tips has been, and will always be, to stay on top of your air filter maintenance. Standard air filters need to be changed every 90 days or sooner if you have pets or multiple people living in your home. Dirty filters can restrict the flow to your heating and cooling systems, which forces them to work harder to disperse air throughout your home. This will not only increase your monthly bills, but it will also reduce the lifespan of your HVAC systems.

Ceiling Fans
While this HVAC efficiency tip may not be directly related to your heating and cooling systems, when it comes to increasing the efficiency of your systems ceiling fans are your best friend. During the winter, if you set them to run in a clockwise direction, they will force the warm air back down as it rises. Then in the summer, if you set them to run in a counterclockwise direction, they will bring the cool air upwards. The flow created by your ceiling fans will help create an even temperature throughout your home, which will allow you to run your home comfort systems less.

Smart Thermostats
Smart thermostats can drastically reduce your utility bills without sacrificing your home comfort, which is why we’ve included them on our list of HVAC efficiency tips. They allow you to completely customize your heating and cooling schedule, and because they can be controlled through your smartphone and other wireless devices, they allow you to make changes to that schedule on the fly. Another excellent feature smart thermostats have that can help increase the efficiency of your HVAC system is their ability to learn from your habits and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Although following these tips will improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems, contacting a licensed technician is the most effective way to ensure your system is running as efficiently as possible. During your maintenance appointment, your technician will clean the inside of your unit and replace and repair any damaged parts. Annual tune-ups keep your home comfort systems running as efficiently and effectively as possible all year long.

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