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We’re all excited for the warm summer weather to arrive, but that excitement can quickly disappear if your cooling system can’t beat the heat inside your home. The best way for Ottawa residents to ensure their homes are summer ready is to book their AC service before the extreme heat arrives, and there are several benefits in addition to staying cool.

Peace of Mind
When you book a service appointment for your AC, you can relax knowing that you’ll have a cool escape from the heat throughout the sweltering Ottawa summer. Annual maintenance is also necessary to keep your warranty valid, so when you book your appointment, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that should your system need to be replaced or require new parts, you’ll be covered. During your appointment, a licensed HVAC technician will clean, service and repair your equipment to ensure it’s running efficiently and effectively.

Increased Comfort & Quality
If you want to have the best air quality possible and increase your home comfort level, then it’s important to book AC service to ensure you’re ready for the hot Ottawa summer. Your air conditioner is responsible for filtering and distributing all of the air that flows throughout your home, and a licensed technician can clean inside your system to ensure that none of the dust that accumulates in there ends up in the air you breathe. Annual service also guarantees that your system is running at its best, which means it can keep you cool throughout the scorching summer.

Save Money
Although everyone gets excited about the nice, warm weather, it’s always a bitter-sweet moment for homeowners when the warm weather does arrive because it means increased monthly bills. When you book an annual service appointment for your AC system, it ensures that your system will run as efficiently as possible throughout the hot Ottawa summer, which will keep your bills as low as possible. Decreased utility bills are enough of a selling feature for annual service on their own, but an efficient system will also be able to cool your home faster and waste less energy.

Don’t suffer through another sweltering Ottawa summer this year, book your annual service with
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