Tips to Save Money on Home Cooling This Summer

Save Money on Cooling

As the weather gets warmer with every passing day, homeowners across the country are getting ready for their utility bills to increase as they begin using their cooling systems. You shouldn’t have to choose between being comfortable and paying high utility bills though, and these tips can help you save money on cooling your home this summer.

Upgrade Your Unit
The best way to ensure your unit is as efficient as possible and save money on your monthly bills is to upgrade your cooling system. Obviously, if you already replaced your system recently, this won’t apply to you, but if your system is 10-years-old or older, you’ll see a drastic decrease in your monthly utility bills.

Insulation & Weather Stripping
One of the main reasons most homeowners spend more money than necessary on their monthly utility bills is because the cold air escapes through gaps and spaces in their doors, windows, and soffits. Take some time to install weather stripping on your doors and windows, and ensure that the insulation in your attic is adequate.

Smart Thermostats
Smart thermostats are an excellent way to save money on your monthly bills and increase your home comfort because they are designed to make your cooling system as efficient as possible. One of the main benefits of smart thermostats is that they can be controlled remotely, which means that you can adjust your thermostat and your cooling schedule from anywhere with a wireless device. The remote capability allows you to increase the thermostat by a few degrees while you’re away and then decrease it again before you arrive home so that you can be comfortable and save money on your cooling bills.

Setting the Right Temperature
Although we all want to be as cool as possible in the summer, the best temperature to keep your home during the summer, based on several studies, is 72° Fahrenheit, or 22° Celsius. Studies have shown that this temperature keeps most people comfortable without increasing their bills drastically.

Annual Service
The best way to ensure your cooling system is running at its best and save money on your monthly utility bills is to book annual service. Booking annual service for your cooling system ensures that your system is running efficiently for the summer ahead, which means your monthly utility bills will be as low as possible.

Is your cooling system running at its best as summer begins?
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