How You May Be Unintentionally Increasing Your Cooling Bill

Increasing Cooling Bill

Did you know that there could be things that you’re doing that waste electricity every month, resulting in larger utility bills? Money spent on keeping yourself and your family comfortable during the hottest months of the year is a worthy investment, however, there are ways that you can diminish your cooling bill at the end of each month. If you’ve noticed that your cooling bill has been increasing lately, here are a few of the things you may be doing that unintentionally raise the cost.

Cool Your Home When You’re Not There

We all like to come home from work to a cool home, that’s why many homeowners leave their air conditioners running throughout the day. Leaving the AC on when nobody is there to enjoy it is one way you are increasing cooling bills and spending money unnecessarily. The best way to save that money is to invest in a programmable thermostat that can be scheduled to turn off the system when you’re out of the house, and then set to turn on shortly before you return home so you can arrive to nice cool air!

Neglecting Your Air Conditioner’s Filter

A dirty filter can be the cause of your increasing cooling bills. Not only does a dirty air filter severely affect the quality of air that’s being circulated through your home, but it can also clog the airflow’s path, forcing your air conditioner to work much harder to keep your home cool. Regularly changing your air conditioner’s filter will keep your air clean and your system running more efficiently.

Leaving Your Windows Open

Although the fresh summer air is quite nice, and natural sunlight is beautiful, keeping your windows and blinds open throughout the summer is going to greatly impact your cooling bill. If throughout the day you find yourself allowing the summer air through a window while your AC is running, you should definitely think twice. Allowing warm air to come into your home is defeating the purpose of your air conditioner and increasing your cooling bills. We recommend that you keep your windows shut while your AC is running.

Not Scheduling Proper Maintenance

If you aren’t scheduling proper annual air conditioning maintenance, your air conditioner could be working inefficiently without you even knowing, costing you more money in electricity bills. Having our expert technicians come to your home to ensure that your air conditioner is as efficient as possible will help to keep your energy bills low, and identify any issues with your system!

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