What Is The Difference: HRV vs ERV

HRV ERV Difference

Ottawa homes are generally very well insulated! Solid insulation means keeping cool winter air and hot summer air out of your space, but it can also mean poor ventilation and stale air. As Canadians, we know that fresh air is very important to our health and our comfort, which is why many homeowners install an HRV or an ERV to help with ventilation. But what is the difference between an HRV and ERV? Which one is best for your home? Let Team Harding break it down for you!

What is an HRV?

An HRV, or Heat Recovery Ventilation, is a system that vents stale air outdoors and brings fresh air into your home. In the winter, an HRV works to use the heat from the old air leaving your home to warm the new cold air that is coming in, and in the summer it does a similar process: using stale air-conditioned air to cool the new warm air from outside. With an HRV, your air conditioner and furnace don’t have to work as hard to condition your air, meaning you’ll save money on energy bills!

What is an ERV?

An ERV, or Energy Recovery Ventilation, is a system that works to do the same thing as an HRV: it sends stale air out while bringing in fresh air, however, an ERV also recovers heat and relative humidity. Both dry air and overly moist air can be detrimental to your home and your health, so it’s an ERV’s job to keep your home from getting too dry in the winter and too humid in the summer. The main difference between an ERV and an HRV is the control over humidity.

Team Harding Can Help You Decide Which is Right for You!

If you understand the difference between ERVs and HRVs, and now you’re wondering which system is best for your home, let Team Harding help you choose! ERVs are often recommended for older homes (built before 1970), while HRVs often benefit air-tight newer homes. We also recommend HRVs for a non-drying heating system like a boiler, otherwise, if you find that your HVAC system dries the air in your home, we recommend an ERV!

The experts at Team Harding are always ready to help you choose the right system for your home, and to give you the best advice for your HVAC systems!

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