When Should I Turn Off My AC In Ottawa?

Turn Off AC Ottawa

With summer coming to an end, our number of days of warm weather is becoming fewer and fewer, and many of us are considering turning off our air conditioning for the year. Sometimes it can be tough to decide when to shut off your AC, especially when Ottawa weather can be unpredictable while it’s changing from warm to cool. Here are a few simple tips to help you make your transition from using your AC to using your furnace a bit easier.

Start Relying On Your AC Less
To begin with, throughout September it’s smart to begin to rely less on your air conditioner and more on other amenities in your home like your windows and fans. Because Ottawa weather in September can drastically change from day to day, it can be tricky to turn off your AC once and for all. This is why it helps to use your air conditioner less in September during colder days when it’s not necessary and instead rely on other ways to keep your home comfortable.

Make Sure The Weather Is Consistent
While every family is different in terms of what temperature they feel makes a comfortable home, we find on average that the most comfortable temperature to keep your home in the summer is around 16 to 22 degrees Celsius. If you’re finding that the weather outside your home is consistently staying around that temperature for days at a time without drastic changes, it may be time to turn off your air conditioner and just enjoy the natural weather before you need to start your furnace for the winter!

Book End Of Season Maintenance
A great time to turn off your AC in Ottawa is once you’ve had an end-of-season maintenance inspection from Team Harding! Before your AC hibernates for the rest of the year, check and make sure it’s healthy and ready for next season. By scheduling end-of-season maintenance for your air conditioner, you could be saving yourself money in the long run by catching any underlying issues before next summer!

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