Improving Overall Home Comfort This Fall

Improving Fall Home Comfort

Fall is such a cozy time of the year. Warm fires, hot drinks, fall baking, sweaters: they’re all back to help you recover from the heat of the summer and enjoy the comfort of the season. If you love the fall and how cozy it can be, I’m sure you’ve wondered how you can make your home more comfortable for the season too! While throw blankets and fuzzy slippers can be great, here are a few of our favourite HVAC ideas for improving home comfort this fall!

Change Your Filter
Improving your home comfort this fall can be as simple as changing your furnace filter. Fall allergies can be just as strong as spring allergies, especially with the arrival of ragweed in late August, and a dirty furnace filter can send allergens and other natural debris into your air. To have a comfortable, breathable, and fresh-smelling home be sure to change your filter at least every 90 days.

Use Your Fans
Most people think of their home fans as reserved specifically for summer, however, this is far from the truth. Your home’s ceiling fans can greatly contribute to improving your overall home comfort by dispersing the heat that has risen to the ceiling back down to you. All you have to do to have your fan assist in keeping your home warm is to turn the rotation clockwise and let it do its thing!

Enjoy The Natural Light
The air and natural light that comes with fall may not be as obvious as the air and natural light of summer, but fall has a beautiful ambiance to it, and opening your curtains to the fall weather can really help in improving your home comfort. Allow sunlight in through your windows to have some natural light and heating from outside on cooler days, and try allowing a fall breeze in through your window instead of using your air conditioner on warmer days.

Schedule Annual Maintenance
The best way to improve your home comfort this fall is to ensure that your HVAC system is working its best and has no underlying issues. Working furnaces and air conditioning systems can be the difference between a cozy and happy fall and a plain miserable one. Trust the experts at Harding to keep your HVAC system clean and healthy and to keep your home cozy this fall!

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