Grilled Pumpkin With Rosemary

Grilled Pumpkin Rosemary

If you enjoy warm and hearty recipes on the grill, you know that autumn isn’t a time to mourn the summer heat, but a time to celebrate pumpkins, spices, and delicious home cooked meals. Our grilled pumpkin with rosemary recipe is the perfect start to a long line of incredible fall dishes that you can make on your grill. Make this recipe to pay homage to the season at a dinner party, or to enjoy as a weekday family dinner; healthy, delicious, and easy, grilled pumpkin may become your family’s next go-to meal.


  • One small sugar pumpkin (1-3lbs)
  • One tablespoon of olive oil
  • One tablespoon of fresh, chopped rosemary
  • One teaspoon of sea salt

Preparation Directions

  1. With a very sharp knife, slice your sugar pumpkin in half vertically
  2. Thoroughly scrape out any seeds with a sturdy spoon (you may choose to keep the seeds for later recipes)
  3. Lather the inside of the pumpkin thoroughly with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt

Grilling Directions

  1. Set grill to medium-high heat (425-450 degrees)
  2. Place the halved pumpkin face-down on the grill and close the lid for 40-45 minutes. The inside of the pumpkin should be soft with dark grill marks when finished
  3. Sprinkle the pumpkin liberally with fresh rosemary


The best part about this recipe is that it can be very versatile. Keep the half of the pumpkin intact and use it as a personalized bowl for soups or dips, scrape out the cooked pumpkin from its skin and eat it as a side to your steak or chicken, or even puree the cooked pumpkin for soups.

Regardless of how you choose to eat your grilled pumpkin, you’ll have a delicious and hearty meal. Try this recipe with a dollop of sour cream as a side, or over sourdough bread as a delicious autumn spread.

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