Improve Home Air Quality During National Lung Month

Improve Home Air Quality

November is national lung month, and that means taking the extra time to consider ways to keep your lungs happy and healthy. Our lungs work day and night to make sure we breathe well and stay healthy, so this month, we encourage you to work for them! One of the best ways to take care of your lungs is to improve the air quality in your home for better breathing, and improving your home air quality is easier than you think! Here are a few ways you can improve your home air quality this November to say “thank you!” to your lungs.

Change Your Furnace Filter
We’re sure you’ve heard this tip one-hundred times over, but we always like to remind ourselves and other homeowners to replace their furnace filters when necessary. A furnace filter collects all of the dust, debris, hair, and allergens in the air, but if you don’t change it often enough your clean air will be contaminated by going through a dirty filter. To improve your home air quality, we recommend checking your furnace filter every thirty days and changing it at least once every ninety days.

Say No To Shoes In The House
You may wonder what shoes in the house have to do with the fight to improve your overall home air quality. Well, so many allergens from outside are tracked in on the bottoms of shoes then spread throughout the home if they’re not taken off in the front hall. To decrease the allergens and natural debris in the air, leave the shoes on the shoe rack when you come home.

Take Advantage Of The Natural November Air
One of the best parts of November is its crisp, fresh autumn air. A great way to improve your home air quality is to open the windows for a couple of hours during the day to allow for fresh air to come through and fill your home with the fragrance of autumn. By opening your windows for just 60-120 minutes during the day, you’re letting out stale air, freshening your home, and enjoying all that autumn has to offer.

Schedule Annual Furnace Maintenance
The best way to improve your indoor air quality is to ensure that your furnace is working its best. When you call the experts at Team Harding for annual furnace maintenance, you’re ensuring that your furnace is working properly, pumping out the cleanest air possible, and working as efficiently as if it were new. A happy, healthy furnace produces clean air, so call the experts at Team Harding for maintenance this November.

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