Common Thermostat Issues and Solutions

It’s common for homeowners to experience issues with all of their appliances and devices at some point, however, regardless of how common these issues are, they can still be a real pain in the neck to deal with. When you’re experiencing HVAC issues, it’s not always the furnace itself, sometimes the issues stem from the thermostat, and often, these issues can be easily remedied. Here are the most common issues that you may experience with your thermostat and their solutions.

Problem: Your thermostat isn’t getting a proper temperature reading

Solution: If you notice that your thermostat isn’t getting a proper temperature reading, thus heating or cooling the home incorrectly, it’s most likely due to poor placement of the thermostat. Is your thermostat placed by a window? In a low-traffic area? Is your thermostat installed on an exterior wall? Any of these places could affect how your thermostat reads the temperature of the home. The best solution is to call the experts at Team Harding! We can determine what the real issue is and reinstall your thermostat in a more suitable area if need be.

Problem: Your thermostat won’t reach the temperature you want it to

Solution: Especially if you live in an older home, one of the most common and easy-to-fix thermostat issues is when the thermostat isn’t reaching the temperature you’ve programmed it to reach because it’s dirty. Grime, dust, and other debris in the air can settle in and around the thermostat, causing it to get inaccurate readings. Wipe down your thermostat with a clean microfiber cloth to ensure that it isn’t clogged with dirt and dust.

Problem: Your thermostat isn’t communicating properly with your furnace

Solution: If your thermostat is malfunctioning, sending mixed signals to your furnace, or having trouble turning on and doing its job, it’s most likely because it needs a battery change. Dead or dying thermostat batteries will heavily affect how your thermostat communicates with your furnace, disrupting the desired temperature in your home. Changing the thermostat batteries is a great way to get your thermostat working properly again.

Problem: Your thermostat wasn’t installed properly

Solution: If your thermostat has loose wires, it doesn’t sit level on the wall, or is shoddily installed in any way, this will cause inaccurate temperature readings and poor communication between the thermostat and the furnace. If you find that whoever installed your thermostat didn’t do a good job, it’s best that you remedy this by calling the experts at Team Harding to reinstall the system for you, helping you keep your home warm and comfortable without trouble.

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