Switching Your Home From Heating Mode To Cooling Mode

Home Heating Cooling

Spring is finally here, and as we get ready to enjoy the warm weather ahead, we should also be preparing our homes for the same reason. When the warm weather begins calling for your air conditioner to be turned on, it’s important to have it ready to go, that’s why we recommend performing these simple tasks to make switching from home heating to cooling much easier.

Change Your Furnace Filter
Even though you’re turning off your furnace once the warm weather begins, your home’s air still travels through your furnace filter to be distributed throughout your home, so it’s very important to maintain a clean furnace filter for good home air quality. If you haven’t done so in the last 90 days, make sure to change your furnace filter as you transition from home heating to cooling.

Check Your Outdoor Unit
A great way to ensure that your home is ready for the transition from heating to cooling is to go outside and make sure your exterior unit (whether that be a heat pump or an air conditioner) is free from any blockage and debris. Over the winter months, it’s common to have a build-up of leaves, branches, dirt, and grass in and around your outdoor HVAC unit. Take a few minutes to clear the area to help your system work better in the spring.

Perform A Test Run
When transitioning your home from heating to cooling, choose a more mild day where your furnace isn’t necessary and allow your air conditioner to run for about an hour or a full cycle. During this time, note any odd or new sounds, smells, or behaviours from your system, and check to make sure that cool air is coming out of your vent registers.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance
The best thing you can possibly do for your HVAC system when transitioning it from heating to cooling is to call for annual preventative maintenance if you haven’t done so already this year. During a preventative maintenance appointment, our experts at Team Harding will clean your unit and inspect it for any wear and tear, malfunctions, or future signs of breakdowns. This ensures that your system is working properly and as efficiently as possible and you can enjoy your summer knowing that your HVAC system will be keeping you cool all season long.

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