Protect Your Air Conditioner With A Harding Club Membership

Harding Club Membership

It’s no secret that cooling a home throughout the entirety of the summer can be costly on its own, let alone the possibility of experiencing breakdowns and disrepair that need immediate attention. If you’re interested in protecting your air conditioner and your pocketbook from AC breakdowns or malfunctions, you should consider investing in a Harding Club Membership to save you money and stress all summer long.

What Is A Harding Club Membership?
A Team Harding Club Membership is, at its core, a way for Harding customers in Ottawa to save money on HVAC repairs and replacements, as well as a way for customers to have peace of mind knowing that they’re getting the best price on HVAC service possible. Team Harding Club Memberships are paid monthly, similar to a subscription service, and include free annual HVAC maintenance, discounts on parts and repairs, and priority service. There are three tiers of membership and they all come with their own unique set of benefits.

Why Should I Invest In A Membership?
Team Harding Club Memberships are worth the investment for the savings and alleviated stress alone. Once you’ve committed to a membership, you’re automatically covered for your annual preventative maintenance appointments, plus you’re given priority access to emergency repair and replacement. You can also expect to receive a discount on repair service and replacement parts with every level of club membership. The reason why so many of our customers decide to invest in a Harding Club Membership is that it benefits them financially and helps them keep track of their HVAC maintenance and care.

The Types Of Memberships
Currently, there are three levels of Harding memberships to choose from depending on your budget and your home comfort needs. These three levels include:

Silver Membership

  • Guaranteed emergency service appointments within 48 hours
  • 25% discount on parts and repairs
  • A reduced $39.95 diagnostic fee (Monday – Friday 8 – 4 pm)
  • 50% after-hours diagnostic (after hours rate $160)
  • 25% off a repair on the day you sign up
  • 10% off duct cleanings (including dryer vent)

Gold Membership

  • Guaranteed emergency service appointments within 24 hours
  • Up to $1000 (including HST) in free repairs per appliance per year
  • Free diagnostic fee
  • Free after-hours diagnostic fee
  • 50% off a repair on the day you sign up
  • 15% off duct cleanings (including dryer vent)

Platinum Membership

  • Guaranteed same-day emergency service appointments
  • Free diagnostic fee
  • Free parts and repairs (no exclusions)
  • 25% off duct cleanings (including dryer vent)
  • 100% of your unused credit balance (including HST) for up to three years can be applied to a new heating or cooling system

Invest in a Harding Club Membership and start protecting your air conditioner.
Contact us to start enjoying the benefits of being a Team Harding Club Member today!

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