AC Maintenance for Allergy Season

Allergy Season AC Maintenance

While April, May, and June are all pretty tough months for those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies, we’re not quite out of the woods (so to speak) yet. August and September can be just as significant when it comes to seasonal allergies due to the growth and presence of ragweed across Ontario. If your allergies are affected by ragweed, you may want to follow these simple AC maintenance tips for allergy season to help you breathe easier throughout August and September.

Change Your Air Filter Regularly
If you struggle with allergies, changing your air filter is the most important and effective part of AC maintenance that you can perform at home during allergy season. Your HVAC system’s air filter collects dust, hair, fur, pollen, and other allergens from the air, but once it’s clogged it becomes less effective. For the best results for indoor air quality in your home during allergy season, make sure to change your air filter at least once every 90 days.

Keep Outdoor Unit Free of Debris
As ragweed continues to grow outside, it can begin to crowd your outdoor AC unit, causing it to clog the system and even end up in your air supply. To ensure that outdoor allergens aren’t affecting your home’s indoor air quality, make sure to keep the area around your air conditioner’s outdoor unit clear and free of long grass, weeds, leaves, and other plants.

Note Any Odd or Unpleasant Smells
Your air conditioner really isn’t supposed to be releasing odd or unpleasant smells into the air, so if it begins doing so, it’s an indication that something isn’t right. Sometimes, the presence of a funky or mildewy smell can be indicative of mould or other natural allergens present in your air conditioner or ductwork. As part of regular AC maintenance for allergy season (and the rest of the year), if you smell an odd odour coming from your air conditioner, make sure to make note of it and call for repair immediately.

Schedule Annual Preventative Maintenance
The best way to ensure that your AC is receiving proper maintenance for allergy season is to call for preventative service with the experts at Team Harding. During an annual maintenance appointment, our experts will inspect and clean your system to ensure that it upholds the best air quality possible, diminishing your allergies and helping you feel more comfortable in your home.

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