Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Grill Looking its Best

Grill Maintenance Tips

So you just bought yourself a new grill and want to keep it looking as new as possible for as long as possible. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost or take a lot of effort to keep your grill looking like a million bucks. The best way to ensure your grill continues looking its best is to follow these simple maintenance tips!

Wipe Down the Grill Between Uses

It doesn’t take a lot to keep your grill looking shiny for years. One way to do so is to take thirty seconds between uses and give the outside a quick surface clean. This will stop grime and gunk from accumulating and making a bigger clean-up job later on.

Clean the Cook box at the End of the Season

The cook box can accumulate a lot of grime, ash, and old food. Not every single use of the grill calls for cleaning out the cook box, but periodically it should be done. One of our best grill maintenance tips is to take the time once or twice every grilling season to clean your grill box by vacuuming it out with a small handheld vac.

Burn Residue Off the Grates

Before each use of the grill, take the time to burn off any leftover residue. If you turn on your grill to high heat and shut the lid, any leftover and stuck-on foods will begin to turn to ash. You can then can easily clean it out with a grill brush once it’s cooled down.

Store with Well-Fitting Grill Cover

One of our most important grill maintenance tips is storing the grill properly. Between uses and at the end of the season, make sure to cover it with a well-fitting, (preferably manufacturer-made) grill cover. This will ensure that it doesn’t suffer water damage and general wear and tear from being exposed to the elements.

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