Designing a Custom Fireplace

As winter approaches, the falling leaves and chilly air brings thoughts of cozying up in front of a fireplace with a big mug of hot chocolate. There’s nothing quite like gazing into a glowing flame on a cold winter night. If you’re playing with the idea of installing a fireplace in your home but aren’t sure which style is right for you–why not consider designing your own custom fireplace? 

How to Start Designing a Custom Fireplace

It might seem like an overwhelming task, but Team Harding is here to help. You’ll be sitting warm by the fire in no time. First, you need to find inspiration. Browse the internet and scroll through the list of options on our website. Ask yourself what you’re looking for in a fireplace and what style best suits your home decor. Think about the material, layout, and colours you want in relation to the space surrounding the fireplace.

Next, decide on the type of fireplace you want–or are allowed to have in your house. Harding has a large variety, from electric fireplaces to wood and gas fireplaces. Once you’ve settled on the type, you can really zero in on the fireplace that’s right for you.

Cost of Designing a Custom Fireplace

The cost of a custom fireplace can vary greatly. Explore some different products and look at prices. When you have an idea of what you want, establish a budget. Obviously, the more advanced the design, the more expensive it will be. If you select certain materials, such as more luxury stones and finishes, the cost will be higher.

To get a more accurate estimate of what it will cost you to design a custom fireplace, you can visit Team Harding’s fireplace showroom. That way, you can speak directly to our experts to get a better idea of the possibilities and prices. Team Harding will also visit your home for an at-home consultation where they’ll provide some expert advice and tips about your chosen model and your home’s aesthetics.

Why Design a Custom Fireplace?

There are so many reasons to design your own custom fireplace. Not least of them is that a fireplace makes every home warmer and more stylish. Your home is unique with its specific interior and aesthetic, so the right fireplace might not yet exist for it. If you can’t find the fireplace that speaks to you, we’ll help you design a one-of-a-kind fireplace that’s as unique as your home and your family. 

Get in touch with our expert fireplace design team today and make your dreams a reality!

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